Sunday, April 3, 2011

Painted Farmhouse Chairs

I decided to bring back the original farmhouse chairs that go with my farmhouse kitchen table. I had been using a collection of "found" chairs with coordinating upholstered cushions and loved them...But I hated for these chairs to go to waste.

Farmhouse chair before:
And here's a glimpse of how the table looked with the mismatched wood chairs.

All it took was a coat of black satin spray paint and the chair face-lift was done!

There are four, I just ran out of spray paint...

The chairs I had before are still put to use. One is now paired with the secretary, one is in the seating area, and another is for shorty to reach the upper cabinets:)

Spring time has been so busy for us as we are just under the 4 month mark until our wedding. With everything I have to do for that, spring still makes me itch to do home projects! I'm trying to balance a little of both. I'll update you on wedding progress next time!

Until then...


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  1. Very nice!!I love black and white together! thanks for your sweet comments on my Spring Market post! I so would have loved to have met you in person this past weekend.


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