Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trevor and Whitney: Forever Young

4.16.11 was a happy day. But also as surreal as they come. One of my very best friends, Trevor Young, married Whitney in a hometown spring-time ceremony. Trev is the sweetest and most hysterical guy you could ever meet. Lucky for me, we met in 4th grade and 16 years worth of my memories are filled with him...

Homecoming dates, middle school dances, and carnival rides developed our friendship and I'm a lucky girl to have him as a friend.

So, I was happy and sad to see him at the front of the church that day. I remember this kid singing Strawberry Wine on the playground and now he's standing in a suit at the altar? Time really has flown in a blink and in an instant we were "grown-ups".

After the ceremony, the picture perfect bride and groom exited the church to an awaiting turquoise vintage car.

And rode into the sunset!

We carpooled to the country club for the reception and couldn't wait to celebrate.

Whitney looked like a little my-size Barbie in a gown that fit her like a glove.

Dev and Nina in coordinating ensembles. 5 months guys!

We had a blast!

He was amused by the "write your name here" beer bottles.

You would think that as many pictures as we've taken together, we would have learned how to get settled.

All settled with my friend.

Pretty typical of me and Meg.
I try to explain something. She stares at me in confusion.

Better. And beautiful.

I love these sweet moments. Like the love birds mid-laughter.

And Meg and her Daddy having a ball.

Dev and Nina on the dance floor.

I finally made it to my Trev!

So handsome.

Cuttin' up on the dance floor.

So so cute.

Me with Dev and Trev

My other life-long best friend!

With his autumn bride.

It was only when I saw this picture that I realized I was dancing in the center of the floor...And all those people were staring. Hahah. In my own world.

And then, what seems to be a dance war broke out between these two lovely couples.

Nina goes for the twirl!

So Meg drops it down low. Uh OOh!

And then, they busted out a dance-off in choreographed moves!
Naw, only in the movies.

I call a tie.

They looked so great. Off to Jamaica!
I love you both! We had a great time at your wedding. Next time you can relax and have fun at ours!


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