Friday, August 19, 2011

Jason's Kinda Party at Snowden Grove

We got to see our buddy ROCK his show at Snowden Grove in Southaven Thursday night...bus tour (for one of us), meet-n-greet, and vip style:)
After we met Jason and Jessica while on our honeymoon and he and Sean struck up their sweet little bromance, Jason offered to leave us tickets and meet and greet passes at the gate for his concert near our hometown just 2 weeks after our vacation.

I was progressively getting more sick after complaining of a sore throat while on our honeymoon. The morning of the concert, I woke up feeling near death but went to work anyway. 30 minutes later I decided I was stupid for making that decision. I headed to the doctor and waited 4 hours to hear that I have bronchitis plus sinus cold. A shot in both cheeks later and I was wiped out in the bed for 4 hours. I pulled myself together just in time for the show!

It was so funny when we first went to the ticket counter:

Sean: There should be some tickets to pick up for Sean Gray.
Ticket Lady: Ok, who left them for you?
Sean: Um...Jason.
Ticket Lady: Jason who?
Sean: Jason Aldean?
Ticket Lady: (smiles) Here ya go.

We had a gift to give his youngest daughter as a way of thanks for the tickets. Her birthday is saturday so I painted a piece to hang in their playroom. Sean texted him to find out how to get it to him and Jason said he was sending someone to meet Sean on the other side of the stage. Sean then told me to stay and grab some food. When he returned FOREVER later, I was thinking, "Glad I didn't go. That must've been a LONG walk!"
Instead, he hung his head and said "...Sorry...the guy drove me to his bus and we just kicked it and watched a game for a while."

Shut it.

We laughed at all the frantic fans in the meet and greet line, hyperventilating over their 2 second picture:)
When our turn came up, Sean walked up and said, "I'm sorry, what was your name again?" Jason replied, "Throw this guy out," then the bro-hugging commenced. He told us to wait in the corner for the stragglers to come through the line so we were able to chat a while when everyone else was gone.

When he needed to head backstage, he sent someone to walk us out. I followed without questioning where we were headed, but all of a sudden looked up to see carpeted floor, big comfy couches and candle-lit tables...and then a Central BBQ spread that was fit for a "hadn't eaten ALL day" little king.

I wasn't shy. My plate was soon full.

This is the way to do it!

We unknowingly coordinated with our crocheted tops.

Dev and Seany

Not lookin too shabby for a girl who moments earlier had NO voice. We're talking pulling up to Sonic and realizing I had no way to even order! I'm convinced it was the smoooth coating of strawberry margarita on my throat that had cured me. Minutes later I was singing like Ariel.

Dev and Niner

Definitely doesn't hurt to get seats from the artist...about 8 rows back in the center. Perfect view for these shots.

After Sean and I made our way to our seats, we enthusiastically high-fived over how excited we were just to be there. The man standing in the row in front of us turned to Sean, looked at us both and said, "Aren't yall the couple they met on the island?"
Sean gave me a look that said "Holy, sh--, did we wind up in the tabloids or something?! then said to the man, "Umm...yeah we are. How did you know that?"
The man said, "He told us about yall. Said they had a great time."
He then introduced himself as the owner of Jason's record label.

When Jason finally spotted Sean in the crowd (I would say spotted "us" but we all know he could not have found me!) the moment of excitement for both of them was so cute. I can't imagine performing like that for a crowd of strangers in an unfamiliar place and then finally seeing the only 2 familiar faces in the crowd. We felt special:)

~Katie and Sean


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  2. Jason is one of my favorite singers and at first I thought I would tell you how lucky you are. But no, I believe it's Jason that is lucky.... Congratulations Jason, I believe you've found two true friends!

  3. You are precious! I really, really appreciate that.


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