Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall, Fog, and Friends

The fall season always seems to fade away so quickly...even though I am putting lights on my tree and listening to christmas music while driving around for work everyday, I'm not trying to wish it away. It's so cozy and pleasant and beautiful.

Saturday morning, Sean left at 6:30 for a teaching workshop in Little Rock and although I had no obligation, I was up right after. I hate that I can't sleep in anymore! But if I had, I might have missed the gorgeous scene in my own front yard.

The sun was rising and a heavy blanket of fog hovered over. The air was crisp and everything looked soft and hazy.

That rocking chair never looked so inviting!

The street was still and silent.

It wasn't so beautiful to Sean, who drove through it all the way to Little Rock with minimum visibility. But the pictures speak for themselves!

A week before, I took a couple pictures of the beautiful fall trees in front of our house, knowing that the bright leaves would be gone before we knew it. I wanted to capture it while it lasted.

We've had one Thanksgiving get-together already and I couldn't be more excited for the others. The season could never get old to me. We've stopped by Dad's for chili and cinnamon rolls (NO better combination known to man). We've been enjoying chilly football games with hot chocolate and drinks around backyard fires with great friends.

My friend Franklin wants to wish everyone a Happy Fall!

Soak it in and enjoy...


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