Monday, November 1, 2010

Framed T-Shirt

I am definitely a sentimental person. Each piece of art on display in my house has some special meaning. I have such vivid memories and sentimental attachment to a school play we did in the 1st grade...It had an "around the world" theme where select students dressed in boy and girl pairs from different countries around the world. I was half of the Italian pair. My mom made my little Italian girl costume from scratch and the boy's grandma made his. Each pair walked across the gym holding hands and said into the microphone, "Hello, from _____" in their native language.

Obviously "Arrivederci" was a little too complicated for two 6 year olds, so we went with the more manageable "Ciao, from Italy!"
For the rest of the play, we all wore t-shirts with neon painted stick figures.

The boys wore neon hats and the girls wore neon bows. We sang "Love in any language" and We Are the World" and "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson, standing around a big earth on the gym floor. It was all so warm and fuzzy...and I LOVE warm and fuzzy:)

I still have that little shirt and I still love it.

I always love kids art that is framed and I knew I wanted this in my house, but I couldn't bare to cut the t-shirt up...I can still wear it after all:) So I folded it around a frame and called it a day.
Using a sharpie, I wrote lyrics from "Heal the World" in the corner.

"And the dream we were concieved in
Will reveal a joyful face.
And the world we once believed in,
Will shine again in grace."

I love the innocence and purity that children represent.
It has claimed a spot in a display cabinet in my kitchen...and it makes me smile:)


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