Saturday, December 4, 2010

My own Art Studio!

I knew as soon as I saw this room upstairs that it was THE room. The room that would be the perfect space to create and store all my artsy stuff...I originally wanted to paint my art room an airy light aqua blue, but we ran out of painting steam a kitchen, a bedroom, and a laundry room later.

And then, the watermelon pink and electric lime grew on me, as it was oddly reminiscent of my adolescent bedroom (right down to the exact colors and two toned walls). AND THEN when I got all my junk in there, I started realizing how many pink and green color combos I had done without realizing. So it was meant to be, at least for now, and now it stays.

My painting table is the old butcher block from my Meemaw's kitchen.

Here's the butcher block BEFORE, sitting sad and filthy in a garage.

Here's the AFTER with a scrub down and a fresh coat of paint.


I already had the chairs and the shelf was rescued from the attic.

I strung wire from each side of the window and use clothespins to hang ideas and inspiration pictures.

I made these glass jars to use in the pantry but loved how the colored pencils looked displayed in them instead.

My mom's easel and my meemaw's brush basin.

My abstract straw art from 1st grade!

Sean, his mom and grandma checking out the studio at our housewarming.

I love painting up here! Even more, I love not dragging my equipment to whatever surface I was painting on that day...bed, floor, bathroom counter.

It's peaceful and quiet and overlooks...well, the street. So it's not exactly a "room overlooking the river" but it's just perfect for me.

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  1. Just came across this post since I'm looking for ideas for my own. It's a nice space you got there! :)


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