Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Sean and I ran in The Color Run 5k in Memphis Saturday morning. It was a care-free, stress-free but NOT mess-free run, and it was a WHOLE lot of fun!!


The atmosphere was funky and cool with people in crazy costumes ready to get covered in color along the way.


We waited in line with Erin and thousands of others for it to be our turn at the starting line. The crowd was so huge, they started runners in groups of 1500 to 2000 in 10-15 minute windows.


And finally we were off!

There were different color stops along the way with volunteers lining each side of the road, ready to throw, dump, or squirt their colored powder on the runners. It looks like we had just passed through orange. 

I though it would be chilly and prepared with long sleeves...but it was a HOT run! Once at the finish, the energy level was so high, the music was awesome, and the people were crazy!
 All done! (Is there something wrong with my pose, Team Yellow Lady?)

 I looked like a ninja turtle.

 We waited with the crowd for the first "color throw"...

Which turned the bright sunny day into a colorful, smoky club!

And made everyone go nuts 'inside', dancing to the music as the powder rained down.

 How cool is that view from outside!?

 Stretch Armstrong caught me a pair of socks!

I can't wait to do it again, maybe with a big group of friends. It would be a perfect run for a family.

Love my partner!

Once we had our fill of the festivities, the Grays headed to the drive-thru...

...In all their fifty shades...

 Happy Sunday!
The Grays

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