Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween on Beale 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!!

We always have a blast dressing up for Halloween and tend to get pretty creative with our costumes. But for the past 2 years, we didn't celebrate with costumes and parties so we were really anticipating this Halloween.
After I came home from a hair appointment with blunt bangs, Sean said I looked like a little doll. The ideas snowballed from there and we eventually landed on being a ventriloquist and a ventriloquist's doll.
We rounded up our group of friends for a Saturday night Halloween bash on Beale.

I turned a polka-dot silky tube top into a skirt by just tying it around my waist. I made the bow-ties from glittery fabric. I pulled everything else from my closet except the shoes, that I found last minute on clearance for $10!

I created the doll-face with the help of youtube videos, facial contouring, chin-lines for the "dummy" mouth and over-the-top lashes. 

 Logan and Sara were adorable burglars, Devin was Popeye, and Tommy and his plus-one for the night, "Julianne", were caught in bed...hilarious.
 "Oops! Was it something I said?"

We met up with Taylor across the bridge, who set us up with rooftop access downtown to pre-game before going to Beale.

The view was awesome. The weather was cold. 
Thank goodness we could enjoy it from the warmth of the party room inside the glass walls!
We knew Taylor was going as Peter Pan. We knew Erin was going as Tinkerbell.
...But we didn't tell.
Sneaky Sneaky...

I always thought Tinkerbell was a bitch, so I told her to act like it.
Erin manned wo-manned up on  a half marathon in Conway (2 hours away) went to a family event, then drove back here just in time to celebrate Halloween with us. That's a woman right there!
Since she would be gone friday and saturday, I whipped her costume up out of a $3 sequined tank I found, elastic and tulle for the tutu, and slippers.

Sean, Tommy, and "Julianne"


The burglars celebrating.

Playing this character was fun!

I'm not sure if Sean had money in his "ventriloquist's suitcase" from our dummy show or for bartending, but whatever it was...he danced while earning it.


Then he let his suspenders loose to dance with a criminal and Peter Pan.

But had to get back to bartending when the burglar tried to steal the loot.

Tink sprinkled fairy-dust on everyone...

...Even the inanimate lobby statues.

We blared some hyped up...had a drank or two.

Then the creepy mustache man and his creepy doll were ready to hit Beale!

On the way, we stopped by the ATM for cash.

And the burglars busted into Bank of America.

Totally kidding. Obvi.They were just ready to bust some moves.

We hit the Saucer.
(See...I even made her a wand with a sparkly 'E'! It's the little things...)
And 152 for a minute. Nothing blogworthy there, as usual.

Finally at our favorite fun-stop, Alfreds, we were able to get comfy and get rowdy.

Cute Sara

We are so glad to have Tommy back home! He's been in the Navy and gone from home for several looong years.

Tink and Sara

My fave pic of. you. ever.
What can I say, I have a knack for paparazzi photography...

Tinker and Peter
(Taylor made his own costume! So impressed)

I smiled occasionally! But not just wasn't right.


I love you even with a creepy pedofile mustache...That's some love right there.
(It was gone the next day and the stubble was all back...Phew) 
I hope your Halloween is light-hearted, fun and festive! And I hope wherever you are, you are safe from storms and praying for those who aren't.
Everyone be safe!
The Grays 

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