Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fireplace Accessories

It's fireplace season! Which begins my constant inner debate... Do I park it in front of the fire on a cold, windy weekend and not move all day? Or do something...anything? Once I sit it lures me in...
We've had a fire 3 weekends already this fall. 
Football nights...potato soup...warm cookies...pumpkin spice cappuccino. MmmMmm.

 We gave our gas fireplace a try for 2 years, but it was lacking in warmth and authenticity. Nothing can mimic the smells, crackles and fireflies put off by an old-fashioned fire. We were able to remove the gas logs and replace them with real wood, but still keep the gas for a convenient, automatic start. Perfect solution!

So with a real fireplace in our future for fall and winter, I put "fireplace tools" on my thrift store shopping list a few months ago. 

And came home with these for $7.

 I also had a plan for this fireplace screen, left to us by the previous owner, that was hunter green and gold.


I adored this black fireplace screen:

Both the tool set and the fireplace screen took just a few coats of high heat black spray paint to update!



I brought in an old galvanized bucket from the garage to keep our logs in. I love that look!  

I'd like to add a small ladder for throw blankets soon to prop beside the fireplace too.

We had a project-free weekend and spent it watching football and crafting our Halloween costumes around the fireplace! I hope yours was warm and cozy too.

~The Grays

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