Monday, October 8, 2012

Sit and Watch the Leaves Turn

Happy Fall!

Our first fall weekend couldn't have been more perfect. It started with a fountain coke after an early finish on Friday afternoon, followed by joining a friend for her first combine ride! Since the Seattle-girl has lived here, Nina has wanted so bad to ride and I finally seized the opportunity to take her when Joan said that Dad and Uncle Phil were working right on the highway. So easy to stop by for a ride...Why not!

 She asked Uncle Phil every question she could think of, and I relived a piece of my youth. When I realized how long it had been since I'd ridden, I felt the need to slow down a bit...if I can make myself...and enjoy simple moments like that that aren't on any agenda or to-do list. The fun and relaxation...and now the memory... was worth more than any project I would have finished in that time. Lesson learned.  
:: It's harvest time in this little town
Time to bring it on in, pay the loans down
Fill our diesel tank up, make another round
There's a big red moon comin' up in the sky
Combine's cuttin' in a staggered line
The only time of year we miss the church bells chime
It's harvest time  ::
~Luke Bryan

Our crisp, fall weather officially graced us after that afternoon. Friday night a storm came through and we drove through the rain to dinner for Devin's birthday. After dinner we headed downtown. We walked into the bar through mild, gentle temperatures that felt like nothingness on our skin. By the time we walked out it was C.O.L.D!! I spent the weekend finishing up projects and fall decorations, while our first warm fire of the season crackled in the fireplace. I rode the combine cutting soybeans, went out with friends, had dinner with family, watched a scary movie while bundled in warm quilts (Cabin in the Woods...I recommend:), and nested in our festive home. 

 The Front Porch

I bought those little scarecrows for $2 each at a thrift store (my favorite holiday decor is always second-hand!) It was so meant to be because the stick on the boy scarecrow is WAY longer than the one on the girl. No matter how hard I pushed into the ground, the boy stands a foot taller than her...Like another couple I know...

I did slight repair work after I realized that the boy's clothes wouldn't stay up. I looked out our window to see only a head on a stick. Disturbing but funny. I tied his overalls to his hat and he's been decent ever since. 

My mums came back again...Haven't killed them yet! Yay:)

The cornstalks are from my family's cornfield.

I love how in this picture, the wreath on the door looks like it could be a hot-air balloon flying in the sky above the trees...At least in my vivid imagination it does!

The 2 pumpkins on the top step are real, and the others lining each side are plastic pumpkin buckets I got from the thrift store for $.40 each. I removed the handle, spray painted them in Krylon's Pimento, and placed a battery operated flame-less tealight candle in each one.

It was hard to capture on camera, but they glow reeeealy pretty at night!

 It's Harvest Time! This old wreath is timelessly cute.

 I love a chalkboard on the porch! I put burlap in an old red country basket and placed my flowers inside.


 A straw broom, bronze mums, cotton, a cornucopia of woven pumpkins and pinecones, and a mason jar candle of corn formed this fall vingette. 

I love fall colors.

Come On Inside

On our entryway table, I put  a pair of unique silver pumpkins I found at Goodwill years ago. I spray painted a pheasant figurine to look like a black crow for fall. 

For the dining room centerpiece, I put a large ceramic pumpkin from Goodwill ($3), small pumpkins from Goodwill I painted white, cotton in vases with twigs from the yard, and a wooden crate of pine cones. All on top of a black and white polka dot runner I cut from a fabric remnant. 

The mantle displays a new (to me) painting I bought for little to nothing at City Thrift on Summer Avenue. It's gorgeous, HUGE, and lights up the whole room. I spray painted the center pumpkin bronze (need I say it...from goodwill) and placed my white spray painted owls beside 2 more thrift pumpkins. 

I'm hoping for more weekends just like that one.

~The Grays

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