Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last week, Devin had family come visit from Hawaii, who came bearing the most delicious food to prepare a feast from the islands. How lucky were we to be there!? Their family and friends gathered for as Devin described "Oriental food with Hawaiian flare". Someone said, "This is like having Bhan Thai come to your house!"

The cook, his cousin, began preparing for supper just after noon and everything was so amazing! I can still taste it just looking at the picture. Our neighbors said they could smell it on their walk around the pond that night!

These King's Hawaiian Sandwich Rolls were left behind, which sparked the idea to make my favorite sandwich from Gusano's.

Gusano's was another one of our favorite places in Conway to meet up with friends for dinner. They specialize in Chicago-Style pizza but their "Hawaiian Turkey Sandwich" has always been my pick.

Here's the description from their menu:
Freshly sliced Turkey Breast, Sweet Pineapple, Crispy bacon & Cheddar Cheese served on a Ciabbatta Hoagie Roll and served with a side of Ranch.

Gusano's was one of our regular spots...We were actually "Spotted" by the Log Cabin Newspaper at a Gusano's Razorback Watch Party and here's the pic from their website:

For this sandwich, we were fortunate enough to have the sweetest pineapple I've ever tasted, flown from Hawaii.

We buttered the bread and placed the smoked deli turkey and pineapple.

Then finished with crispy bacon and cheddar cheese and baked at 325 degrees just until the cheese melted.

We had Ranch for dipping (a must!) and it all took just a few minutes.

Gusano's version is still my favorite, and I would try a few things differently next time. I think baking the pineapple with the sandwich took away the sweetness, so I would add the pineapple after baking. And the ciabbatta hoagie that Gusano's uses is perfect for this sandwich so I would try it on that bread. But it's different, it's delicious, and definitely worth a try!


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