Monday, July 19, 2010

Horseshoe Lake

::"And when that summer sun starts beating down and you don't know what to do,
Grab your swimming trunks, ice up that old igloo and drive until the map turns blue."::
~Brad Paisley

Now that we've gotten somewhat settled back home, it is so much easier to spend time with our buddies and have a good time. We're so thankful. No more two hour drive or blocking out our entire weekend to make the trip back and forth. Last weekend, we spent a day at Horseshoe Lake. There may not be gorgeous lake mansions to pass by as with Beaverfork, but water's water! We had a great time.

{Seany and Dustin tubing. So cute!}

{They got their hardcore faces on! Sean approaches everything as if it's an olympic sport. You gotta respect that. :) Devin's roughing up the waters back there...}

{Nina and Dev pulled tubers on the jet-ski.}

{Ashley and Nina}

{Oliver loves his man-cave!}

{Wearing his daddy's hat}

{Ashley and Dustin}

{I was a bum. I wanted to ride, but I'm still dealing with the effects of my last tubing experience (whiplash anyone?) so it's a little hard to get back on the horse when your neck still won't turn...}

::"Live in the sunshine...Swim in the sea...Drink the wild air."::
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

{He is SO a boat dog}

{The girls rode back to shore together.}

Yes, I'm wearing glasses. I said I looked like "secretary goes to the lake"...I've been without contacts for months because becoming a licensed and registered OT has made every other need take a back seat financially. BUT I can finally see the light at the end of the academic and college-poor tunnel, so there is hope.


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