Thursday, July 15, 2010

Couples Shower for the Martins

Last weekend, a couples shower was hosted at mine and Sean's "halfway house" (AKA Devin and Nina's). Jennifer and A.J. are getting married in 2 weeks.

The wedding party made some yummy goodies...

And Nina and I played florist and put together some flower arrangements.
The Smith's playing baggo in the yard...

Me, Nina, and Ashley with the bride-to-be.
Sean and Nina
A.J. with his Best Man, Devin. How cute! I love a good bromance.
And because our bunch can't stay "la-dee-dah" and all proper and froo-froo for too long...
The beer pong table was brought out. Yeah, we went there. I guess pinkies up is only fun for so long.

Dev finished up the A-mazing Watermelon Rum Punch...

And Trev gave his approval for a round.

And just to prove you never quite know how interesting a night with us can get...Graduate-to-be- Ashley gave me an impromptu teeth cleaning that I had been craving!
People think I am nutty as a fruitcake for this, but I LOVE to have my teeth scraped when I go to the dentist. I could just lay in bed and let someone scrape my teeth...So that's what we did.
Nina was next. We learned about all kinds of dental health. The night was fun AND educational. :)
Good luck to you with boards! I know EXACTLY how you feel...I'm sweating bullets but just keep trucking along. We'll make it!

You know you have close friends when everyone congregates in the bedroom!
We love each other!

Good luck and God bless to Ashley on your exam and A.J. and Jennifer on your wedding day.


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