Thursday, July 8, 2010

**Reginelli 4th of July 2010**

I spent my 4th of July at our annual Reginelli family party. Lots of family, TOO much food, and alot of priceless pictures. That is, until I unknowingly pressed the "delete all pictures from this device" button on my camera and EVERYTHING was erased...including the most adorable pictures I've ever taken of the family on the fourth.
How mad was I!?
Let's not talk about it. I've moved on.

I stole some images from my cousin Danica so here's a little taste of our family holiday...

We had Sean's dad make shirts this year, depicting an Italian flag on the front and shooting fireworks with the names of the 7 children of Henry (Enrico) and Rica Reginelli, who are the reason all 50+ people are together each year.

{With my brother and cousin Danica}

Sweet baby Gabe filling up his lil pool.

How precious?! Nothing like Arkansas heat in July.

Ellen-Claire in her lil polka dots.


I hope everyone had a safe and fun fourth!

An update:

Friday, just before the holiday, Sean officially became a math teacher at Marion High School! After alot of people had his back and showed their support, he was offered the job the day of the interview. It's exactly what we hope for and couldn't be more excited. I may have been the only one who never doubted it, but I told him all along it would work out this way. I "had a feeling." And I operate heavily on "feelings"!

He's going to do a remediation course for students for a week then he'll start in August, the same time I'll start my job. He will most likely begin coaching later in the year or the next year. We are so relieved and blessed.


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