Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen

I did it. I jumped on the play-kitchen band wagon. Avery is turning 2 the end of August and in preparing for her birthday party, I thought back to my favorite things to play with when I was her age. As I was a domestic diva and mini-Betty Crocker from day one, it was most definitely my play kitchen and my Barbie corvette. (How else was I supposed to go get the groceries to cook?) 

Since I tend to torture myself with being determined to make  everything...myself...I wanted to do something homemade for our Baby Avery. And seeing as how making a Barbie corvette is just a tad out of my do-it-yourself prowess, I elected to make her a play kitchen!
I went to my number one spot for finding exactly any piece I need (Dad's house) and he helped me look through some options in the garage. I chose this entertainment center that my Meemaw had and I knew I could work with it.

It was impossible to look at it from this next angle without whispering:
"Lean wit it. 
Rock wit it.
Lean wit it.
Rock wit it."

 The bottom was water damaged and needed to be removed. 

I cut it down to 3 feet tall, then cut a board the correct length and braced it across the back to replace the flimsy cardboard. 


So it looked like this:

After cleaning it and swiping the life out of 19 spiders (yes I counted...and yes, with my bare hands. I'm a baaaad man) I gave it a coat of Zinsser's oil-based primer. I should have done 2, but I'm impatient. Do as I say, not as I do, ya know?
 Next, was a coat of white in "classic creme".  
After the basic shape and painting was done, I drew up a plan and forged on down the list.

I got to work on the sink first. I couldn't find a silver or steel bowl when I was looking, because nothing is as simple as it should be, right? So I bought a white one and spray painted it.

 I found this perfect little faucet for $1.25 at ReStore, of course!

Next up, was the counter top "tile" and "backsplash."

After finishing the tile, painting the "fridge door" turquoise and the "stove top" dark metallic gray, we were really starting to take shape!

Last step was to cut the right door in half to become the oven and microwave. I put a hinge on the right side for the microwave to open and a hinge on the bottom for the oven to open down.

 Then it was the best part...Accessorizing! I cut a scenic picture from a poetry book and placed it in a frame to create the window.

And the rest is self explanatory...


 Is it cheesy to say I'm tickled?? Because I am! 

Yes, it ended up being more complicated in some ways than I anticipated, but that's pretty much always true. And my irritation was mostly brought on by 100% humidity that left me sweltering in the garage and made the paint very difficult to adhere and dry. I would have enjoyed myself much more working on it now that our Arkansas temps have dropped a little!  

I added a drawer pull from ReStore on the side for a towel bar...

 ...And a piece of fabric over the frame for the window.


I think the sink is my favorite part! The tiny colander is from TJ Maxx. 

The fridge:


And oven:

The curtain hides under-sink storage.

The stove is simmering a pot of spaghetti sauce and some tea! I found the mini pots and pans at Goodwill for $1 each. I spray painted the old knobs from out bathroom vanity.


 I think it's cute as a button and I hope Avery does too!

Avery's party was Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect day to sit in the shade and visit, sipping a cold coke. 
And it was the perfect day for Avery to see her new kitchen!

Blow out the candles, baby girl. You're TWO years old!

Lindsay couldn't wait for present opening time so Sean and I brought the kitchen from the truck and Avery wasted no time before exploring. 


 She's just so smart...when she first went to use the sink, she said "It's not on!" Sorry, baby Avery, KK's not that good! She rinsed her vegetables, washed her hands, baked cupcakes, and added "water" to her flower vase. So grown up!

Baby Davis hung out with KK and enjoyed attending her first birthday party.


This one's a wrap!

Happy Birthday Baby A!


  1. That is just too fab!!! You rock girl!!

  2. And Avery still loves it, it's in her room and she plays with it almost every day! Thank you Aunt KK and Uncle Seany!


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