Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We. Are. Young: Erin's Birthday Throwdown!

Birthdays these days are surreal. Time is spinning faster. 
We are getting older. But we really don't feel like it. 

Until maybe the next morning...

 Saturday night was Erin's night and we started our celebration at Molly's La Casita on Madison.  

 {Devin, Taylor, Erin, and Cassie}

Birthday girl donned the velvet sombrero and made it look goood.

And took a little birthday shot. 

We carried the night to The Flying Saucer for drinks and darts. 


 Then wobbled our way down Beale...

to Alfreds. 

The boys loved on the birthday girl.

 Then  put the moves on her.

But none compared to the moves that this homeboy was dropping all over the dance floor. He put on his own show. Nina couldn't resist him. So she joined him.
But apparently she couldn't hang! Luckily, several friendly bystanders were there to catch her fall. And like a true soldier, she lived to dance another song.

Homeboy attempted to impress her with a rose (as an apology?) but his wallet couldn't back it up and she had to return it. It was a classically hilarious moment.

We are young.

 So let's set the world on fire


 We can burn brighter than the sun.

So if by the time the bar closes,

And you feel like falling down,

 I'll carry you home...



Young at heart, as always...
The Grays

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