Tuesday, August 7, 2012

G for the "Old" Grays

 You know what I love? Crossing things off a list. The act gives me an adrenaline rush like a current of bubbling satisfaction like you wouldn't believe. I crossed 4 projects off my chalkboard to-do list in one Saturday last weekend. And only 4 remain on the master list of "Summer Projects." I can't believe it! I lost count of the total, but my summer was dedicated to getting things DONE. Sure, the fall list is already waiting for as soon as summer ends, but for today:


...I'm pretending my list looks like this.  Will it ever? No of course not! But what is there to do if there's nothing to do? Exactly. Good point huh?

One of those 4 was a monogram painting for the "old" grays (Sean's parents) that his mom had asked for. She wanted a big G to go over her piano in the kitchen, as she is finishing up her kitchen update. 
I used a wood letter ($2) and mod-podged scrap book paper on it to place in the center of the canvas, then painted the design around it. 

 Beneath it is the "Est. 1984", the year they were married, and their initials. 

I had it finished as a surprise when they got back from St. Louis for a wiffleball tournament. I decided to forgo the trip to work on some things and have a weekend of non-rushed project time. And it felt amazing!
And she loved it:)

With Love,
The "New" Grays

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