Monday, August 13, 2012

Recovered Antique Foot Stool

This antique foot stool is OLD. I knew that when I saw it. 

But I really knew it when I cut into the fabric to remove it and saw this...


Grass? Hay?  


I made the first cut while sitting on my living room rug, fully expecting a cushy foam padding or batting. I then quickly elected to run with it outside. 

This is what it looked like before I removed the top layer. I had covered it quickly while living in my first apartment. I was obviously still scraping the surface of the DIY world! 

Once I removed everything, I grabbed some extra carpet padding and layered it on the seat, then covered with a fun yellow patterned fabric. Since it had decorative wood pieces on the sides, the fabric couldn't be wrapped around the edge and staples underneath. I used Fabri Tack to fold back the edges, then hammered in upholstery nails all around. 

Here she is!


 Perfect to prop your feet up while reading (or googling) in the arm chair. 

All I did to the base was clean it. It is perfectly aged with character all on its own.  

So cute and fun!

You like?

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