Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hadley Tanner is here!

We're celebrating another precious addition to our family of friends in the form of this beautiful baby girl, Hadley Tanner. Almost 2 years ago, I was at the hospital holding baby Avery for the first time. Now, she's my on-the-go, pistol of a niece that warms my heart with every "KK!" that comes from her mouth.

On the day of her little sister Hadley's arrival, I picked up my munchkin from daycare, dressed in her Big Sis shirt, and we anxiously awaited the call. While driving to the hospital, Avery babbled in the backseat, sang songs, and hollered out the window to every airplane, unaware of how different her world was about to be. 

She walked in very hesitantly, but was enticed by the presents that "Hadley" had gotten for her. 

Precious, healthy 9 pound girl!

Momma read Hadley's card to Avery. 

 And I admired my newest baby girl! 

~~"Some people dream of angels.
I hold one in my arms." ~~

Lindsay, Avery, Me, and Hadley

 Aunt KK thinks you are perfect!

~~ "Sometimes, the smallest things, 
take up the most room in your heart." ~~
 -Winnie the Pooh

And Avery, you are still KK's precious little munchkin butt.

I don't think we were supposed to be coloring on that book but you know what I see in this picture? That less than 2 year old using a perfect quadropod grasp. That's my girl! 

 The new family of four. 

We gently coaxed her closer to Hadley, being careful to not push to hard. For a while, this is what Avery felt about the situation:

 We tried to get her say the baby was Hadley, but she insisted that Momma was holding Davis.

When the nurses came in, Avery leaned close to Lindsay and Hadley on the bed. 

...Then she decided to check her out.

...And finally...Gave her sugars!

 I love being a part of this little family!

Lindsay is the most strong and capable woman I know. But can you join me in saying a prayer for her, as her hands are now full of sugar and spice!

Bless you child,
The Grays


  1. Love reading your blog! And yes, Lindsay's hands will be full but so will her heart!


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