Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bright Lights...Summer Nights: Meg's Birthday Celebration

 One of my very bests, Meghan, turned 26 on the 26th. She's a new mom to baby girl Davis and just recently returned to work. She deserved a celebration and seriously, who are we to turn down a good time?! We met up with friends for a low-key starter at The Flying Saucer.

 {The girls with Meg in the middle}

Stop two was Raifords, so after a downtown walk, that sexy wrist tattoo signaled the start of a looong night ahead. 

You know the kinds of people that seem to always be down for a good time? Sean and I are those people. 
And ALL of these friends are those people too. 
We are so blessed with the most crazy, friendly, and fun-loving friends you could imagine! We all work so hard that we like to play hard too. Every night is another story and I don't know how we got so lucky. 

This was just one of those nights... 

{I love both of these chicks with a passion}

{Birthday girl with me, Sean, and Nina. Lookin' good Mama!}

{Fun with friends}

{Devin made his rounds with me, his wife, Seany, and Taylor}

{If you wanna hang with me, you better be dancin'!}

 {Sean gave the birthday girl a dance...a few times.}

{Nina and Taylor were caught gettin' it too}

{The night was full of silly faces...}

 {Unique poses...}



{...And homances...}

{Broken  bottles, courtesy of Devin}

 {And rockin' drum solos, courtesy of Taylor}

 {Nina and I wormed our way upstairs to VIP and found an amateur photog to hand my camera to. Sean snuck in but quickly got the boot:) }

 {The whole gang found an empty spot upstairs to claim for a change of scenery}

 {And if there's such a thing as too much fun...We had it.}

{Pure craziness...in its best possible form}

Happy Birthday Mae Mae. We love you and your crazy self!

~The Grays

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