Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painted Shutters and Rocking Chairs

 I'm in love with  a white house/black shutters combo. L O V E. Our house was almost that but the dark hunter green color of the shutters just didn't do it for me. Just like the hunter green fireplace tile and the hunter green inlaid carpet!) It didn't pop and the contrast was more dull than I would have liked, not to mention they were old, faded and worn anyway.

Shutters and Rocking Chairs Before:

 Under the shade of the porch, it's hard to see the green color, but it really stood out in the sun.

This one from last fall shows the green color pretty good.

Painting the shutters BLACK was on my list of summer projects to give a fresh and clean update.  I used SW Tricorn Black, their most popular black color, in gloss exterior paint, making sure to tell them to pick the paint needed for vinyl.

Here's a sneak peak of how much better the shutters look in black, in this before of the white rocking chairs:

 Also in need of a pop of color were those white rocking chairs. We got them in white so we could choose whatever color we wanted them to be, and I finally decided on yellow to tie the front of the house to the back porch door.

Rocking chairs Before:

 Rocking Chairs and Shutters AFTER:

Much more appealing:)

The black and pale yellow are a great combination!

I used SW Butter Up for the chairs. 

 The shutters took an eternity to finish...There were over 20, a couple small 4-footers and the rest were seriously 6 or 7 feet tall. All of them needed at least 2 coats. So me and Billie Holiday Pandora spent a lot of time together in the sweltering heat of the garage. It took 3 weekends (or was it 4? The heat made me a little delirious) but now that it's finished I won't have to touch them for a looooong time.

 Props to the husband for removing them all and putting them back for me. Including risking his life on the extension ladder to get to the second story window on the side of the house. As he balanced and drilled waaay up high, I held the ladder at the bottom as if I would be able to prevent anything from happening, and said, "I'm sure glad I don't have a wuss for a husband like some women do. That would suck."
"MMmm Hmm..." he said simply. But I'm sure he's hoping I can do my next crazy project on my own. We shall see!

Have a good one!

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