Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nursery Art

 It's July. Seriously?  Our summer is flying by, jam-packed with traveling non-stop and so many activities. I haven't been posting my artwork lately, but that's not because I haven't been painting. My brushes have been used so often once summer hit that they just stay in the fridge between paintings. I'd sure like to wash them and hang them up for a while but I've got a list to accomplish and a set time to do it in! 

We're leaving for Jamaica next week for our early first wedding anniversary trip (already!!!) but I'll have lots of posts of new projects ready to go.

I recently painted 2 pieces of nursery art for 2 very dear friends...And I still have one more to go! 

Meghan delivered baby girl Davis in May and wanted a chevron piece with her initials. This one I barely wrapped up in time...I had an oval canvas that I thought would be adorable in a nursery. But when I painted the chevron pattern on, it turned into an easter egg...Disaster. So I started over and the final result was much much better!


The next one was for Hayden's soon-to-arrive baby boy, JonBraxton. She sent me a picture of a sock monkey to match his bedding. I cut and braced 4 wood planks together and put a gray wash on it for the background.     

He turned out pretty darn cute!

Last up (well, hopefully for a while:) is Lindsay's number 2 baby girl, Hadley, due next month. 

But next up for me is a week of sun, water, and drinks with my husband on the island of Jamaica!

Stop back soon!

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