Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~Plan A~

Since our lives are in such a big transition period right now, nothing has been certain for a while. But now, it seems, things are falling into place and a plan is forming.
Yay for that.
I like plans.
For the benefit of friends and family who are constantly confused about what's going on, this is what's on our crazy agenda for the next few months...

April13 *Today*: Sean received his Praxis II scores today. PASS! He now can apply for teaching jobs and have his references sent in.

June 18: My last day of fieldwork!! After 3 years of undergrad, 3 years of grad school, and 6 months of free labor, I'll be DONE son.

June 30: Sean finishes 3-week teaching course in Little Rock.

July 1-August 12: We'll move to Marion, I'll study for NBCOT, take NBCOT, hopefully pass NBCOT, Sean will hopefully get a teaching/coaching job, I'll interview and hopefully have an employer show an intent to hire, and we will look for houses. Phew!

August 13: My Graduation Day, Friday the 13th, 7:30pm!

Thereafter: I'll get licensed to practice in the state of Arkansas and Tennessee and begin working, unless I'm already hired and working with a temp license. My signature will no longer be Katie Marconi, OTS. It will be Katie Marconi, MS, OTR/L.

And life will settle down a bit.

At least, that's plan A.


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