Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer Swimsuits 2010: Vintage Inspired

I'm inspired by vintage everything. I like to add vintage elements to decorating, art, and I've looked to vintage swimsuits for some of my favorite features of this summer's bikinis.

My collection has gotten somewhat out of control, so I'll be getting rid of some to make room for my traditional 2 new suits of the summer. I must say, though, they were all ridiculously good deals. I buy them out of season, or off the clearance rack from the previous year's stock.

What remains the BEST shopping deal of my life, is the time my bff Meg and I went to TJ Maxx (lOvE) on Labor Day morning while vacationing at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs.

I had an upcoming fall cruise and she was preparing for her honeymoon in Mexico. As we nonchalantly perused through the swimsuit rack, an employee came by, markdown gun in hand, and said the most beautiful words to me...
"All swimsuits are now $1."

Excuse me? Is there a catch? Certain exclusions one get one for $1, only swimsuits with a rip in the crotch are $1?
ALL swimsuits ONE bill. That's a McDonald's baby burger.

I casually waltzed over to Meg a couple racks away and drug her back to the swimsuits to whisper the good news before anyone else could hear. Then, we proceeded to scour the swimsuit dollar menu for every suit within 5 sizes of what we needed. I didn't care what it was, it was coming with me to the fitting room.

I walked away with 7 new swimsuits for $7. One XOXO, one Versace Sport, one Roxy, one Rampage...I could get by without a new one, but it's a summer tradition for me that signals my favorite months ahead.

Now, on to the swim suits.
A few classic vintage characteristics of swimsuits that I love can be found in bikinis available today. Take a look...

~Feminine Ruffles~

Common in vintage styles, ruffles add such a flirty, feminine affect to swimsuits.
Here's one from Old Navy:

And one from Victoria's Secret:
Another from Victoria's Secret:

~Bandeau Top~

It may only be ideal to lay out in, to me, but it has a cute, retro flare and there are lots in this style this season.
Here's one from Victoria's Secret:

Here's one from Jessica Simpson:
Here's one from Alloy:


I've always loved pin-up nautical style suits. It's classic.

Here's one from Victoria's Secret:

And here's one from Venus Swimwear:

~Formed Bikini Top~

Bikini tops of the mid 40's tended to sport a very structured, formed shape that was flattering and supportive, rather than the more sporty, flimsy suits that are common today. I looked high and low for a structured top last summer but they were hard to find. The few stores I found that carried them were always out. But it looks like it's caught on and they are much more available this season.

Here's a few from Victoria's Secret:

VS balconet
VS retro pushupMust I say, Marisa Miller, you are SICK!

Yall have fun shopping!


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