Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katie Marconi, OTR/L

Hey people!! This has to be the longest blog break I've taken yet, but with good reason...I had to get graduated! The last step before embarking on my professional career has been taken and I am SO glad it is over. The last few weeks have been the most hectic whirlwind and I've just been along for the ride! Here is what you've missed...

On Monday August 9th, I took the NBCOT, my national board exam for Occupational Therapy. Then, the next day, I had my first official day of work. I waste no time! I worked the rest of the week and tried not to allow myself to get overwhelmed, but it was hard. I hate new beginnings and not knowing things. I like being the one who has it together and can help others understand, NOT the one confused and asking all the questions! But, I'll get it.

Friday the 13th was my graduation day! But I am a working girl now, so I worked until 1, threw on a dress with lightening speed, and flew 2 hours on the interstate to make it to Conway. I didn't have time to eat, pee, or think all day and I was an anxious wreck! I called Sean when I realized I hadn't even had time to check the results from my test! He checks them for me but I'm too exhausted and stressed to even worry. He tells me the news...

I picked up my cap, gown, and hood and threw it on right out of the bag, then headed to the OT class of 2010 pinning ceremony.

Our professors were all on stage and each of us was "pinned" as our accomplishments and fieldwork was described. A slide show played of each of us doing all different kinds of therapy with patients. I loved visiting with our teachers afterward and catching them up on everything I have going on. They were WONDERFUL mentors.

It's crazy to think it was 3 years ago that we all barely knew each other, and planned the annual Halloween Dance for Workforce, the sheltered workshop for adults with disabilities. I'm the eskimo in the white on the center right side.

At times, it feels like a long road, and other times it feels like just a blink.
OT school conditioned us to step outside our box and be willing to do ANYthing at a moment's notice.

Whether it was braving the smell of formaldehyde while studying upper extremity nerves on cadavers... (I had to get over my fear of inanimate objects jumping up at me and convince myself that the bodies were NOT going to move...And then an arm would get knocked off the table and come flying at me. NOT funny!)

...Or knocking on a nursing room door on the locked-down psych unit to introduce yourself to an un-oriented patient and do an unannounced, impromptu treatment session...

...Or performing a dance on stage to 'Beat It' with the campers at ARC Camp, a performing camp for adults with disabilities.

...Or perusing through the local Kroger with a shopping list, while simulating a number of disabilities at once...

I think I had a stroke (carrying dead weight on my arm) and had some type of visual deficit (hence the goggles). I love how Whitney is looking at me!

Me and Kimbo after we were "ribboned." (We didn't spend money on the pin!)

I sincerely regret not taking more pictures, but my mind was just too crazy to even think to pull out my camera...I had to steal those.

Everyone headed over to the big graduation ceremony that started at 7. Keep in mind I still haven't eaten! Chaotic day, I tell ya.

{With Daddy and Nonnie before graduation.}

All filing in...I'm the 3rd in that closest line. We laughed at how all the family members and parents in the crowd smile, point, holler, and wave enthusiastically as if it's kindergarten graduation all over again! Some things should never change.

There I am in writing!

I spotted Aunt Mary in the crowd just before walking.

Here we go!

Getting "hooded." The higher you climb on the academic ladder, the dorkier the regalia gets! I got a little disappointed feeling as I heard them call "Doctor so-and-so" across the stage before us. Maybe one day in the future. For now, I am all schooled out!

Me and the man after it's finally over. What a relief!

By 10pm we are eating dinner at Razorback Pizza. Longest day and week ever! As we sit at the table, I am finally going to tell them the news.
I proclaim, "Announcement! I have an announcement!"

"a BABY." Phillip states knowingly.

"Ahhh mah Lord," Dad says.

NO!!" I laugh. "I passed my test!"

Sighs of relief all around.

It all flew by in a blur and I hate that I couldn't actually enjoy it. But the important part is that we all made it and are living our dreams of working as therapists. I can't wait for the time when I'm settled into it enough that it feels like a routine. But for now, I'm just trying to hang on and enjoy the ride!

Happy Graduation, UCA OT Class of 2010. We actually did it!!

XOXO, Katie

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