Sunday, August 1, 2010

Walkin in Memphis

Among the things I was glad to get back to with this move, was downtown Memphis. I missed the atmosphere, the food, the music. Little Rock was just never my cup of tea, especially when it took over half an hour to get there from Conway. I missed my quick trip over the bridge to the "big city". We've had so much going on lately, but here's a taste of what we've been up to on the other side of the Mississippi.

Sean and I met our friends Jessica and Brian, with their precious, now 1 year-old baby, Sophie at a Redbirds game last week. Jessica and I endured OT school together and they just recently moved to North-East Arkansas. Brian will be teaching and coaching like Sean and Jessica and I have both found jobs as OTs! I wish their frequent trips to Memphis had been merely for pleasure but instead they were for Sophie's visits to St. Jude to receive chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma.

{Cheering with her Daddy}

How adorable is she!? Of course we weren't there long before she was on the big screen for all of the stadium to see. She was the biggest trooper through everything...She had just been sedated that morning and was a bundle of joy that same day.

{Me and Jess at the game...gotta love Mid-South summer heat!}

They celebrated Sophie's "No Mo Chemo" Party back in the beginning of summer and we hated to miss it but were out of town. What a milestone to celebrate!

She just couldn't get any cuter. I pray for her and her precious family all the time and hope that these struggles will be a distant memory one day.

Last night (Saturday night) Sean and I headed to Memphis to meet friends for another Redbirds game. We thought the Justin Bieber concert was Friday night so we would be safe, but...we were wrong. Downtown was transformed into Bieber-Fever Maniac Tweeners and it was a jungle. We drove circles looking for a parking garage that was yet to be full, and when we finally found one, realized neither of us had any more cash! With nowhere to park to use an ATM, I had to dash half a block while Sean was stopped at a red light and make a lightening-fast transaction.

When we made it to Autozone Park, the line for tickets went for miles and the heat was sweltering just standing there. We decided a better use of our time and money would be to enjoy dinner and live music on air conditioning!

We split the Memphis Platter (we recommend!) with catfish, ribs, red beans and rice, slaw, and fries with gumbo for an appetizer. Memphis does it right!

As an interesting side note: As we were walking on Beale, I heard a VERY familiar voice and accent. I knew I had heard it somewhere. When I turned around, 2 cops were right behind us and one of them was Aubrey from TLC's "Police Women of Memphis".

I LOVE that show and if you haven't watched yet, it's the new thing! It is possibly the most comical and entertaining cops show on tv. And I love her!

I was too busy trying to clue Sean in to who was behind us that they turned into a bar before I could act like a crazy fan.

After supper and music, we met up with friends at The Flying Saucer for drinks.

The Fowlers

And Hayden and her boyfriend Tyler.

I'm glad I could enjoy some down time down town because this is my last week before taking my exam!! It's hardcore study time...I REALLY hope it pays off. Send me some prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, or whatever you believe works and I'll hope for the best!


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