Monday, August 23, 2010

Distressed Turquoise Kitchen Canisters

It seems like an eternity until we actually get to move into our new house, but if I think of it in terms of how many projects I'd like to get done before we do...I see things in a new perspective!

There are just 5 more weekends before we move in, and my goal is to get at least 2 projects done each weekend. Next weekend, we're going to Bentonville for a wedding, so I got a head start today and revamped this old kitchen rack with canisters that were my Meemaw's.

They were housing pasta and beans, but I needed containers for my flour, sugar, tea, etc. I wanted to give them a vintage-y/farmhouse/shabby makeover so I:
  1. Sanded then cleaned
  2. Painted the base coat white; let dry
  3. Rubbed a wax candle over the edges and any other areas I wanted the white to show through
  4. Painted the top coat a light turquoise; let dry
  5. Lightly rubbed the sanding block over the whole thing again, bringing the white undercoat through anywhere the wax was (The wax keeps the topcoat from adhering anywhere you put it)
  6. Labeled each lid with a calligraphy Sharpie.
And here she is!

Here's a close up of the distressed wood:

I love it! My style is so eclectic; I love mixing new with old, polished with worn, vintage with contemporary. And these will fit right in. I'll add in the 4th one, too, as soon as I decide what needs to go in it.

I hope yall have a blessed week! Thanks for stopping by...


*Here they are in the new home, broken in and still cute as ever!
Updated photos added 10-10-11.

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