Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bud Walton, Here come the Razorbacks!

For it's A-A-A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S for Arkansas!
Fight! Fight! Fi-i-i-ight!

My Dad gave me a program booklet a while ago, with a painting inside representing the inaugural Arkansas Razorback game at Bud Walton arena in 1993. The painting depicted a Razorback busting through the gym floor, and Dad asked if I could paint one like it for him. His birthday was July 21st and this is what he got...

Close up:
I was pleased with how it turned out. Only the best for the biggest Razorback fan!
Go Hogs!


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  1. Katie,
    That picture is awesome! He really loves it and I do too.



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