Monday, August 30, 2010

'M' is for McCorkle

I met my beautiful friend Kimberly {Kimbo} in OT school. We went through alot together in those 3 years, right up until the end when we found out on the same day that we had both passed our boards and were seated next to each other for our graduation ceremony because she is now an 'M'.

She married Brock McCorkle in December of 2009 in a fairytale winter wedding...

Isn't that the most gorgeous photo moment ever? They are a model couple. Seriously.

I was sick and couldn't make it to her wedding and she and Brock moved to Texarkana right after. I was too scared to attempt to mail a gift that couldn't exactly be replaced, so she received a very belated wedding gift on graduation August!

She says they love it and I really hope so!
Oh, and by the way. Wedding etiquette says gifts can be given for an entire year after the wedding before they are considered maybe it's not so bad!

Kimbo, you're one of the sweetest, funniest people I've ever known! I am so glad we could enjoy this crazy ride together and I really hope yall will come visit sometime. Love you!

XOXO, Katie

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  1. Awww!!! So I am still sort of emotional feeling from reading the proposal post and so I definitely just teared up when I got to this!! I'm so honored!! :) We really have been through a lot together and I miss seeing you!!! I haven't updated you in the past couple of weeks, but not a single person has come over that hasn't mentioned loving your painting. And I double love it :) Thank you so much again for all of the heart and effort you put into it. And I have already reminded Brock that next time we need somewhere to stay when we're near Memphis we're gonna holla!! :) Love this post and love you!


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