Friday, March 26, 2010

*Day at the Dog Park*

Our puggle Oliver brings so much joy and fun to our lives everyday, and I can't imagine my life without him. He's our best bud. One of our favorite things to do together is spend a day at Paws Park at Murray Park in Little Rock.

We are going to miss this special place terribly when we move. It's the only place dogs can run and play freely with lots of other dogs and its such a happy environment.

You wouldn't believe how peaceful it is. You can feel the calm as soon as you enter the gate. We've been going there for over 2 years and never witnessed so much as a scuffle. The weather was beautiful so we stopped by Sonic for a route 44 sweet tea then headed to the park.

Could there possibly be a more photogenic dog? That boy knows a camera.

See what I mean?

When we got back home after a day of fun with our sweet boy, we got some sad news. Our good friends Jessica and Brian's dog, Ruby, who had been missing since January, had been found and she had passed away.

Ruby, a boxer, went out to play at their house on the lake in Conway and didn't come back. I was still hopeful that she'd make her way back. Even on this day, as we walked into the park we saw a boxer and I joked, "Ok, if somebody's got Ruby out here, you grab her and I'm gonna punch somebody in the nose."

But, Jessica and Brian's neighbors found her in the lake while they were fishing. She had apparently fallen through the frozen lake and wasn't able to make her way out.

It hurts my heart. She was always happy and loving and she was Oliver's buddy.

You just say the name "Ruby" and he still cocks his head to the side and gets so excited.

This is them playing in the sprinkler when we kept her for a summer weekend.

Waiting patiently to fetch...

Playing tug of war...


She was just a month older than him. So right now, as he snores loudly underneath a blanket on the couch, I think about how precious his life is to me. It's a love only a dog owner could truly understand. So kiss your pups and enjoy your time with them. They'll give you all the love in the world while they're here.

Rest in Peace Ruby Kay Krug
Best Friend to Angels, Remembered Always

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