Saturday, March 20, 2010

*~*First Day of SpRiNg*~*

Our "1st Day of Spring" Celebration

This has felt like the longest winter of my life. I've had major spring fever for months. With spring comes the obvious: warm weather. But also the half-way mark for my clinicals (can't believe we're almost done!) and the reassurance that summer is around the corner.

When this year's first O-fficial day of springtime fell on a Saturday, I was so excited to celebrate outside. But the weather promised temperatures in the 40s and a 90% chance of rain.
By what may be described as a springtime miracle, we woke up to a gorgeous day in the upper 60's...and we celebrated by doing some of our favorite things. I made a trip to Hob Lob and a couple flea markets, and found an old coffee table I'll redo this weekend.

Then we decided to go to one of our favorite places in Conway, Toad Suck Park, for a picnic.

Since the day was supposed to be spent inside, I didn't plan a cute little picnic basket full of homemade goodies, so we reached for the next best thing.

Sonic Picnic To-Go!

After eating, we followed the beaten path to the beautiful little hideaway we stumbled upon a few years ago.

It's the kind of spot I would have loved to have as a kid. I would have spend hours "exploring" and imagining all kinds of tales.

Oliver ripped and romped in the sand...

And looked just as cute as ever. I can't stand it.

I did another one of my favorite things and searched for interesting river rocks to paint. And posed with my boy.

Sean got to do one of his favorite things too...

Play ball.

While me and poop watched.

We headed back with full bellies and pockets full of rocks. The day was perfect.

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