Thursday, March 11, 2010

~Margaritas and Karaoke~

What is it about a wedding that makes all in attendance feel the need to drink a strong one after? Saturday, we went to the wedding of a friend from high school that was here in Conway. Sean and I at the reception

It was a short and sweet one, which left plenty of time for an after party. What better combination than Mexican and Karaoke? We met some of the wedding party and some extra friends at Los 3 Potrillos in Conway on a very busy, fun night. The guys singing KC and The Sunshine Band, 'Get Down Tonight'

With just a bite of spinach dip, 2 meatballs and some mystery koolaid at a 2:30 reception, we were starved when 7:30 rolled around. Sean and I couldn't wait for our favorite mexican standby, steak fajita quesadilla. We each ordered one, then had a few drinks...and waited. And waited......and waited.

It didn't appear promising that each time a request was given to our waiter he would scratch his head, as if in deep thought, and his face would contort into a confused, furrowed brow. 9:00 came and went. Sean found a busboy and began to beg..."If you can just find us ONE steak fajita quesadilla, that would be great. Just ONE." A minute later, the busboy brings our waiter over to us. Sean says, "We ordered 2 steak fajita quesadillas...2 hours ago. Any chance we could get those?" The waiter, with his confused furrowed brow already in place, begins to shake his head and briskly flip through the ticket book. He shrugs his shoulders in an "I don't know" manner and proceeds to say, in spanish, what we gathered with context clues to be "You never ordered." Sean laughs and says, "C'mon man, you KNOW we ordered! I can show you where you wrote it. It's on the very first page at the bottom...Anyways, we just need some food." Only a few minutes later, the busboy returns with one steak fajita quesadilla, and we devoured it in seconds. One particular friend, however, was not so lucky, and gave up on having his order taken. This would later prove to be, what is known as, a bad decision! But the night was wild fun and everyone enjoyed being entertained!
3rd grade BFF and gorgeous newlywed friend, Meg!

I love your face!

4th grade BFF and soon to be newlywed, Trev!

Old roomie BFF and favorite Big Daddy, Dylan!

Food or no food, it was a great time.

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